Enter to Win a Free Signed Copy of The 4 Stages

May 16, 2023

Enter to Win a Free Signed Copy of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Here's How:

1. Navigate to the LinkedIn Event here.


2. Selected the "Attend" button.

3. Invite Connections

4. Select "Invite Connections" and a pop up window with several of your connections will appear on your screen.

5. Beneath the search bar. You can filter by locations, current companies, schools, or industries, your choice. After you have engaged a filter, a select-all button will appear. If you don't select a filter, you will not be able to access the select-all button. The select-all button is located directly below the magnifying glass icon, it's an empty square.

Photo 2

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the generated list of your connections. Keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling. As you continue to scroll a circular loading icon will appear at the bottom of your list of connections and load more of your connections.

Photo 3

7. Once you've scrolled until you can scroll no more (it may take a couple minutes to reach the bottom), click the select-all button located at the top left hand corner next to the filter. The button is a white empty square. Once you've selected this button every connection that has been generated will be selected.

Photo 4

8. Select the "Invite" button in the right-hand bottom corner of the list.

9. After you have invited your connections, the pop-up box will disappear. In the bottom left-hand side of your screen a small box will appear with a green check mark. It will say "1000 people invited to the event."

Photo 5-1

10. Screen-shot Your Screen & Send to LeaderFactor

  1. Take a screen-shot of your entire screen. Make sure the notification is visible in the screen-shot.
  2. Send your screen-shot to support@leaderfactor.com with the subject line "Invitations Sent!"
  3. We'll send your digital copy and access to the online course

Invite 500 connections to enter to win a free signed copy of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety by Timothy R. Clark.

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