The 4 Stages™ Keynote

Unify Your Organization With a Foundation of Psychological Safety

This 90-minute virtual keynote will align your organization around a common language and understanding of psychological safety. But it doesn’t stop there. The 4 Stages™ Keynote includes a live Q&A, a 25-page behavioral guide and ebook for all participants, plus one-year access to your keynote recording.

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Sometimes it’s better on the big screen.

The 4 Stages™ Keynote will kickoff your psychological safety initiative with an impactful, unforgettable event. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know from an expert with unparalleled expertise, industry insights, and genuine experiences to spark change in your organization. It’ll be a transformative event to set the tone for the rest of your cultural transformation.

Cultural transformation starts with shared understanding.

This keynote will align your organization toward common goals as you build a foundational understanding of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. Once your teams understand what psychological safety is, what it isn’t, what it does, and how it works, you’ll be ready to take the next steps in measuring and improving psychological safety across the board. And trust us, that’s when the magic happens.

The What and Why of Psychological Safety

The keynote starts with an overview of the concepts and language you’ll need to engage with psychological safety in actionable, practical ways. We’ll tackle the hard questions like why no other cultural initiative or employee development program can succeed without first creating psychological safety, how rewarding and punishing vulnerability impacts company culture, and the history of psychological safety as a concept.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Here we’ll introduce you to The 4 Stages as a framework. Don’t worry, we’ll explain each stage in detail:

Stage 1

Inclusion Safety

Do I belong?

Stage 2

Learner Safety

Am I growing?

Stage 3

Contributor Safety

Am I making a difference?

Stage 4

Challenger Safety

Can I challenge the status quo?

Live Polling of Attendees

During your keynote we’ll survey your participants to help you get a sense of the levels of psychological safety in your organization. These questions will determine what words and actions your organization associates with punished vulnerability and how safe they currently feel across The 4 Stages.

Live Q&A

We’ll open up the floor for you to ask your facilitator those questions that you couldn’t ask anywhere else. This is your chance to flush out the nuances of your organization or industry in real-time with a cultural architect and psychological safety expert. Who’d pass that up?

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This is better than a swag bag.

The learning doesn’t stop after your event is over and everyone heads home. Whether your keynote is virtual or in-person, we’ll send you home with resources to help you move from theory to action-oriented behavior.

Behavioral Guide Book tilted on its side

25 Page Behavioral Guide for All Participants.

The 4 Stages Behavioral Guide is packed with 120+ essential behaviors for improving psychological safety in individuals and teams. There are behaviors for each of the four stages. This behavioral guide serves as the basis for LeaderFactor's "behavioral approach."

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The Complete Guide to Psychological Safety

This comprehensive ebook tackles the tough questions surrounding psychological safety. Learn about psychological safety's history, its benefits, and how to foster it across its four stages.

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A floating laptop with a screenshot of the 4 stages platform with keynote recording.

1-Year Access to the Recording of Your Keynote

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend the live keynote. We provide 1-year access to the recording inside the LeaderFactor platform.

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Facilitation Options

Choose between a virtual or live event, and whether you’d like delivery from Dr. Timothy R. Clark (author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety) or another LeaderFactor partner.

LeaderFactor In-Person Delivery

Delivered by Timothy R. Clark

LeaderFactor Virtual Session

Delivered by Timothy R. Clark

LeaderFactor Virtual Session

Delivered by a LeaderFactor Partner

Meet Your Instructor

Timothy R. Clark is the founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, a global consulting, training, and assessment organization focusing on leadership, culture, and change. Dr. Clark is an international authority in psychological safety & innovation, large-scale change & transformation, and senior leadership development. He has personally worked with more than 200 executive teams around the world.

With a PhD in social science from Oxford University, Dr. Clark is the author of five books, including his best-seller, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation. He has also written more than 200 articles in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company. His mantra to leaders is, "Lead as if you have no power."