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The Leader is the most important Factor in any outcome. So how do we improve outcomes? We improve leaders.

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Elegant, practical, and powerful human performance solutions.


The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Without psychological safety, teams fail and innovation is stifled. Psychological safety is a sense of belonging to a team with the opportunity to interact with its members and contribute to its purpose without fear of being punished or feeling rejected. The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ helps teams create an environment with a high tolerance for candor that promotes engagement and innovation.



In addition to training, LeaderFactor consults. We partner closely with large organizations to

aid in organizational change and transformation projects and to implement custom training solutions. If you'd like to engage LeaderFactor for consulting services, please reach out.

Our Philosophy

Every organization has espoused values and defacto values. Those you preach and those you practice. With LeaderFactor, they're the same thing.


To influence the world for good at scale.


To create & deliver the most elegant practical & powerful human performance solutions.


Integrity          Competence          Mutual Respect          Communication         Initiative 

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