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Let’s talk about your culture strategy.

Culture is complicated. We get that. Help us understand your unique company culture. Together we’ll figure out how to build psychological safety into the foundation of your organization.

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Yolanda Macias - AbelsonTaylor
“Senior leaders who have completed the Team Transformation have been able to engage in practical everyday behaviors that increase psychological safety at work and personal lives to create more meaningful relationships and connections”
Katie Klaus – Google
“It was engaging, meaningful, and a great starting point for our teams. Dr. Clark is a highly skilled communicator and speaker while remaining approachable and collaborative.”
Sabina Morgan-Richards – Avon
"With the efficacy of so many inclusion initiatives or behavioural interventions being difficult to measure, for me, what works well is the data-driven approach; the model is presented in a factual, practical, and interactive way. In piloting this with several teams, we have already used the 4 stages programme as a catalyst for change through at times uncomfortable, but powerful conversations."
Garry Browne – Nestle
"Our team appreciated the conscise and clear nature of delivery and the lovely balance between theory, research and actual, everyday behaviour."