The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Public Workshop

Move from theory to practice with discovery-based learning.

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July 11th

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August 8th

10:00am - 2:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

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Key Learning Objectives

Improve your relationships in every social situation.

What's inside your digital workbook?

This half-day training is a comprehensive experience meant to help you build a lasting foundation of psychological safety.

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Pre-work Materials

Prior to the workshop you will receive access to the LeaderFactor platform and pre-work materials to help you prepare to get the most out of the workshop experience.

Ladder of Vulnerability Self-Assessment™

Vulnerability is a tricky term that requires definition, examples, and self-reflection. This practical assessment will show you what vulnerability is at work.

Personalized 30-day Action Plan

You will leave the session with a customized 30-day action plan based on the combination of your vulnerability-assessment and understanding of The 4 Stages.

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The 4 Stages™ Workshop

The Agenda:
Discovery-based Learning

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Culture By Design: 25-Minutes
Rewarded Vulnerability: 25-Minutes
The Ladder of Vulnerability: 25-Minutes
The 4 Stages Overview: 25-Minutes
Inclusion Safety & Learner Safety: 50-Minutes
Contributor Safety & Challenger Safety: 50-Minutes
Action Plan Debrief: 25-Minutes
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Come for the theory, leave with a plan.

We use the momentum gained in the workshop to propel forward lasting change and immediate action for participants.

The 4 stages of the Psychological Safety program was a great learning experience, the approach chosen by Timothy Clark was simple, straight forward and very effective. A good mix of content, theory and examples/- cases. I would also highlight the dynamic and open atmosphere of the session, leaving space for interactions, questions and testimonies, making the session a real living one! Understanding each stage in depth, exploring the different behaviors and leader´s role in creating a psychologically safe environment was very powerful.

Alessandra Cavalcante, Partner & Co-Founder GoHuman Consultoria, Brazil

I am very grateful to have ‘found’ Timothy Clark’s book, The 4 Stages of Psychological safety – Defining the path from inclusion to innovation. Timothy’s work resonated on a deeply personal level for me– defining and giving me language for behaviors I have experienced and witnessed over the years. It also provided clarity for me on why, despite policies, training, and extensive investment in leadership development programs intended to increase equity and inclusion and improve workplace culture, organizations I have worked in and with haven’t been able to achieve the desired outcomes in a sustainable or consistent way. Timothy’s book held such deep resonance for me. I have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing Timothy’s work on The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety.

Suzie Paceskoska, Executive Leadership and Organisational Coach

As a person responsible in part for implementing leadership development within my organization, I am thoughtful with both my time and the time of teams to which I bring outside counsel and knowledge. It's not really about training, it's about creating a culture rich in aligned values yet differing in perspectives and opinions. The psychological safety workshop offered by LeaderFactor was not only insightful and well worth the time, more importantly it was actionable and had an immediate positive impact. We now use a common framework rooted in trust of one another and we challenge when someone is not living into our aligned values. Simple recommendations made through the workshop are a part of our culture, including getting to know everyone's names and how to pronounce them correctly. Low hanging fruit that had not been on our radar prior. We know it's working too - as new employees onboard, they recount actions of our current employees that left an impression and many of those are from the teachings in this workshop. I think the knowledge we gained has been invaluable.

Bret Giles, Audacious Studios

I whole heartedly recommend Leader Factor’s 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. It is a perfect tool for our particular time because it enables a team, or a department to identify and address the obstacles to helping employees feel included at work. It is straightforward and easy to understand. Leaders, managers and employees can grasp the insights right away. You can actually do something about helping feel included, not just know more about it. I recommend the workshop. It’s one of the most pragmatic and value added opportunities you’ll find to invest in creating a workplace where innovation can become more of the norm and not just an occasional breakthrough.

Brent Chesney, Sr. Organizational Development Consultant

The 4 stage of psychological safety online workshop course is a wonderful way for people to get a change to get a better understanding of the book written by Dr. Timothy Clark. Since Dr. Clark. It gives participants a chance to learn more of what when into the theories found in his book. It also gives participates a change to ask question and get answer from Dr. Clark. The course also give you a chance to speak with other people who are interested in this topic. If you are interested in bring a new level of safety into your company this is an excellent resource.

Tammy Spruill, Lab and Safety Manager Barauch Blumber Institute

Hi I’m Paul Phelan, Head of Leadership Development at Jardine Motors Group – UK. About a year ago I was looking into which skills are key in Leadership, with an aim to bring something new, yet still relevant into the group. Through my research I realized that ‘Psychological Safety’ was making headlines, with both Google and Gallup recognizing this as a key skill in the current times. This got me curious, and it wasn’t long before I came across LeaderFactor, and the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. I soon bought the book, and this grabbed my attention into wanting to know more about the work of Timothy R Clark and the team. I then attended some of the free virtual sessions, and was hooked even more, I could tell this was something I needed to bring into JMG.The great thing is through my 121 Coaching sessions where I have already started to use the 4 stages, its already growing momentum across the group, which is exciting for us.

Paul Phelan, Head of Leadership Development at Jardine Motors Group – UK.

Discover Psychological Safety: The Path to Inclusion & Innovation

Come for renewed energy, enthusiasm and an opportunity for deep reflection and introspection.