the 4 stages Team Workshop

Transform Culture at the Team Level

Psychological safety is the defining characteristic of any high-performing team. Measure your team’s current cultural impact and equip them with the tools, shared language and understanding they need to make lasting change.

Ideal Audience

Leaders & their direct reports.
Up to 25 participants.

Digital Workbook

4 Stages Survey™, Action Planning
& Ladder of Vulnerability™

Learning Formats

Virtual or in-person.

Workshop Length

One 2-4 hour session.

Facilitation Options

LeaderFactor led or licensed

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Create Alignment & Shared Language

Get your teams on the same page about what psychological safety is, what it isn't, and how it impacts their personal workplace culture. Not only will they walk away feeling aligned on the concept, you'll also build unity by focusing on your teams' individual vulnerabilities and needs.

Become a Cultural Architect

Every member of the team is a cultural architect.

Identify Red Zones and Blue Zones

A comfortable way to speak about vulnerability.

Uncover What's Holding You Back

Teams who are culturally accountable know how to play to their strengths and improve where they're weak. The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Survey helps leaders understand the level of impact that their actions have on their team's performance. Using this data, quickly identify struggling teams and their leaders and create plans to address these areas of toxicity.

mobile mock up of the action plan for team roadmap

Immediate, Data-Driven Action Plans

We use the momentum gained in the team transformation to propel forward lasting cultural change and immediate action for participants.

What's Included Inside the Team Workshop Digital Workbook

This training is a comprehensive experience meant to build a lasting foundation of psychological safety on your team.

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The 4 Stages Survey

Your team will take our 5-minute psychological safety assessment to benchmark their level of psychological safety and debrief their results as a team.

The 4 Stages™ Team Workshop

Led by a LeaderFactor partner, these discover sessions will create a shared language and understanding around what psychological safety is and what isn’t.

Ladder of Vulnerability Self-Assessment™

Vulnerability is a tricky term that requires definition, examples, and self-reflection. This practical assessment will show you what vulnerability is at work.

Personalized 30-day Action Plan

Your teams will leave the session with a customized 30-day action plan based on the combination of their vulnerability-assessment and team-assessment data.

A group of people meeting around the table with one person at the head.
Team Workshop

The Agenda:
Discovery-based Learning

Pre-work Materials
Welcome & Introduction: 15-Minutes
Intro to Psychological Safety: 25-Minutes
The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: 45-Minutes
4 Stages Survey Debrief: 60-Minutes
Action Planning & Vulnerability: 60-Minutes
Yolanda Macias - AbelsonTaylor
“Senior leaders who have completed the Team Workshop have been able to engage in practical everyday behaviors that increase psychological safety at work and personal lives to create more meaningful relationships and connections”
Katie Klaus – Google
“It was engaging, meaningful, and a great starting point for our teams. Dr. Clark is a highly skilled communicator and speaker while remaining approachable and collaborative.”
Sabina Morgan-Richards – Avon
"With the efficacy of so many inclusion initiatives or behavioural interventions being difficult to measure, for me, what works well is the data-driven approach; the model is presented in a factual, practical, and interactive way. In piloting this with several teams, we have already used the 4 stages programme as a catalyst for change through at times uncomfortable, but powerful conversations."
Garry Browne – Nestle
"Our team appreciated the conscise and clear nature of delivery and the lovely balance between theory, research and actual, everyday behaviour."

Deployment Methods

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Licensing The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety IP & Technology

Your organizational culture is unique and complex. There is no one better suited to navigate it than you and your teams. The LeaderFactor licensing agreement will empower your teams to integrate The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety into your organization seamlessly at scale. We’ll provide facilitator training, tools, and assistance to enable you to lead the way.

LeaderFactor Led Facilitation & Training

Psychological safety is what we do. We are experts in training about, measuring, and improving psychological safety across The 4 Stages. We provide a variety of learning, measurement, and improvement software and service solutions for your leaders, managers, and individual contributors. Purchase solutions individually or bundle them together in a cultural transformation plan.

Transform Your Team Culture.

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