The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ License Agreement

Get flexible and scalable access to our content and technology. Avoid the common pitfalls of culture initiatives and run a successful engagement with our frameworks and blueprints.

Deliver quality engagements with consistency.

Use our facilitator guides and workbooks to ensure trainers maintain consistency.

Guided support as you navigate tough culture decisions.

Our team has insight into what’s working with initiatives across industries and geographies.

Leverage your data for high-impact training, every time.

Use our survey tools and digital workbooks to target areas of biggest impact.

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How it Works

Go from strategy call to launch in 30-days

Save time in building your entire roll-out from scratch. We’ll build a strategy together, train your trainers, and work together to make psychological safety a reality for you and your teams.

Build a Customized Roll-out Strategy

Your culture is unique and your approach will be too. We have the industry insights on what's working best and together we'll build a strategy that integrates perfectly into your current cultural initatives.

Certify Your Trainers - The 4 Stages Content

We'll train your team to be experts on The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ and related content. This includes learning about our facilitation methods.

Certify Your Trainers - Technology & Roadmaps

You'll have access to our digital workbook, survey, and administration tools to help you as you scale your initiatives. This includes an optional LMS integration and The 4 Stages Online Course.

Support & Strategic Advisory

We believe in strategic agility. It's important to look at your data, your feedback, and adjust your strategy as you launch. We're here as your partner in this initative.

What can you do once you are licensed?

We'll train your team to execute engagements like we would. You'll also have access to our vault and the ability to build custom programs.

Facilitate The 4 Stages Workshops

Gather teams. cohorts or leaders and give them a deep dive into psychological safety with action plans. Integrate this into your programs.

Scale Your Program with Asynchronous Materials

Access our online course, and vault materials to deliver asynchronous training to individuals at scale.

Administer & Debrief The 4 Stages Survey

Show the effectiveness of your interventions with data. The survey can also help you pinpoint specific areas in the organization that need help.

Access Our Vault & Build Custom Programs.

Your culture is unique and there are 100's of different ways The 4 Stages can be presented. Access our vault and see our custom programs.

Sabina Morgan-Richards – Avon
"With the efficacy of so many inclusion initiatives or behavioural interventions being difficult to measure, for me, what works well is the data-driven approach; the model is presented in a factual, practical, and interactive way. In piloting this with several teams, we have already used the 4 stages programme as a catalyst for change through at times uncomfortable, but powerful conversations."
Katie Klaus – Google
“It was engaging, meaningful, and a great starting point for our teams. Dr. Clark is a highly skilled communicator and speaker while remaining approachable and collaborative.”
Yolanda Macias - AbelsonTaylor
“Senior leaders who have completed the Team Transformation have been able to engage in practical everyday behaviors that increase psychological safety at work and personal lives to create more meaningful relationships and connections”
Garry Browne – Nestle
"Our team appreciated the conscise and clear nature of delivery and the lovely balance between theory, research and actual, everyday behaviour."

Move from psychological safety theory to practice with discovery-based learning.

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