EQindex™ enhances the way you currently look at emotional intelligence. With a unique six-competency model to accurately measure emotional intelligence, a personalized 5P Growth Plan and easy-to-understand reporting, it provides a clear path for personal and organizational EQ development. Join the waitlist for early access to our public launch.

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EQindex™ Methodology


Emotional intelligence is built off your beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors.

Based on our accumulated research and client experience, it is abundantly clear that emotional intelligence is rooted in the regard the individual has for themself as well as others. Traditional approaches fail to take this into account and as a result fail to recognize how your behaviors are a result of your beliefs and your perceptions.


Simple six-competency model with the introduction of self and social regard.

The EQindex™ framework acknowledges the inside/outside interdependency of emotional intelligence and holds that each competency has both internal and external manifestations. This companionship competency approach gives a balanced look at your emotional intelligence. It also provides a deeper view into your beliefs and intentions than traditional models.


Get practical and actionable across 30-dimensions.

In order to measure the six major emotional intelligence competencies, we break down each into more specific and carefully defined behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Each of the 30 dimensions is distinct from the others and has three to five definitional elements, behavior insights, and attitude insights. Your results related to these competencies serve as the basis for your 5P action plans.


All-in-one asynchronous training and action planning.

EQindex™ is not just an assessment. It includes an asynchronous fundamental emotional intelligence training that walks you step-by-step in creating an action plan based on your EQindex™ results. The training gives you a higher-level view on emotional intelligence and how it is linked to the overall level of psychological safety of your team.

EQindex™ is the next evolution in emotional intelligence. Join the waitlist and get early access to our public launch.

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