The 4 Stages Team Transformation.

The team transformation is a process for creating higher levels of psychological safety. It includes measuring psychological safety with The 4 Stages Team Survey and creating a 8-16 week action plan to improve.

Turning Managers Into Leaders

Managers lead the transformation for their teams. They have access to a manager specific course to teach them how to guide their team through this process. They’ll also be given a step-by-step checklist to navigate them through their team’s transformation..

Turning Individuals Into Cultural Architects 

Individual contributors take the team survey and have access to The 4 Stages Online Course. They'll take part in the team action plan and help shape the team culture. 

Rollout a Team Transformation for one of your teams or all of them 


Access the content, technology, and roadmap to measure and improve psychological safety–guaranteed. Create career-best experiences for your team. 

Measure & Improve Psychological Safety on Your Team – Guaranteed.

What’s Included?

The 4 Stages Online Course 

Give each team member a common understanding and framework around psychological safety. Create individual action plans to improve. 

The 4 Stages Team Survey

Your team will measure their level of psychological safety before and after the team transformation.

Manager Focused Training

You  are responsible for leading the transformation. We’ve provided video modules to guide them through this journey.

Facilitation Resources

In addition to the manager training we’ve provided checklists, slideshows, and guides to help you know what to do at each step in the process.

Survey Results Dashboard

Your team survey results will be displayed on the results dashboard. These results will guide your action planning process. 

Customized Team Action Plans

Based on the results of your team survey the LeaderFactor platform will guide you through creating a 8-16 week action plan. 


The Team Transformation Roadmap.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Team Transformation is an 8 - 16 week journey through

three phases:


1. Take The 4 Stages Team Survey

Measure your team's current level of psychological safety using The 4 Stages Team Survey. The survey will provide you with actionable data on your team, both qualitative and quantitative. Surveys can be delivered in multiple languages and all results are anonymous. 

Using your results the LeaderFactor platform will walk you through creating an 8-16 week action plan. This plan is tailored to your team and will focus on improving one behavior shown to increase psychological safety each week. 

2. Create & Implement The Team Action Plan

Each week your team will work on specific behaviors to help build psychological safety across each of The 4 Stages. The behaviors you choose will be informed by your team survey results. You’ll work through inclusion safety, learner safety, contributor safety, and challenger safety behaviors as a team.  

Each team member will receive reminders to help keep them accountable. The manager will follow up with micro-coaching and maintain the team’s momentum.

3. Resurvey, Track Your Team's Progress, and Repeat

After completing your action plan, your team will be reassessed through The 4 Stages Team Survey. The LeaderFactor Platform will track your progress based on your reassessments over time. You can choose to create an additional action plan with new behaviors or to reflect on the impact increased levels of psychological safety has had on your team.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that by following our Team Transformation roadmap you will see a measurable improvement in psychological safety. *In the unlikely event we can’t help your team to improve psychological safety we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us.

Manager Specific Resources & Tools

Team Transformation Checklist
This step-by-step checklist will help walk you through the entire transformation process. Including a sample timeline and calendar to help plan your team transformation. 
Kickoff Meeting Slides
Use proprietary LeaderFactor slides with speaker notes to introduce The 4 Stages Concepts to your team. These slides will help you get alignment and buy in from your team members. 
Training from Dr. Timothy R. Clark
Dr. Clark provides specific direction for how to maintain momentum during the transformation journey. This includes
a segment on micro-coaching. 

Sneak Peek Inside The LeaderFactor Platform.

We’ve built the LeaderFactor platform from the ground up to ensure successful outcomes. The 4 Stages Online Team transformation can be rolled out to one team or multiple teams across the organization. We've built our resources to be asynchronous and scalable for any hybrid workforce. 
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Based on The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

As a person responsible for the development of employees in 65 countries, I can tell you that this book outlines a must-have culture. A safe space is table stakes for any organiz-ation looking to attract and retain talent and innovate from every chair. A powerful call 

to action.

Simone Ciafardini, Vice President, Clinique Global Education


Improve Psychological Safety on Your Team Guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal team size for a team transformation?

To be effective a single team transformation should consist of 1 manager and their direct reports. We refer to this as a single in-tact team. Ideal team size for a single manager would be between 5-8 team members.

What are requirements for your guarantee?

To qualify for our 100% money back guarantee you'll need to meet the following criteria.

  1. Complete the Team Survey
  2. Create your 8-16 week action plan and schedule it.
  3. Work through the action plan and demonstrate consistent effort and commitment.
  4. Complete the 2nd Team Survey (Resurvey)
In the unlikely event that you do not see a measurable increase in psychological safety in any of The 4 Stages we will happily refund your purchase.

Do my licenses expire?

The licenses you purchase for your team transformtion do not expire. You can purchase a team transformation today and start the process when your team is ready.