The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Workshop.

Accelerate your ability to learn, contribute, and create value in any social situation or workplace.

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What's Included in The Workshop.

Pre-Workshop Materials

Individuals will come prepared for the session by completing pre-work reading and videos.

Small Group Facilitation

Designed for groups of 10-20 this intimate setting fosters deep learning experiences.

Vulnerability Self-Assessment

Participants will take the Vulnerability Self-Assessment powered by the LeaderFactor platform.

Printable PDF Workbook

Participants will receive access to printable workshop materials used throughout the session.

Certificate of Completion

All participants who attend their workshop will receive a certificate of completion to showcase on LinkedIn

30-Day Personal Action Plan

Participants will build a personal action plan throughout the session powered by the LeaderFactor platform.

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The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety:

Defining the Path to Inclusion & Innovation

Psychological safety is the heart of culture, the foundation of team performance, and the pathway for creating a sanctuary of inclusion and an incubator of innovation.

Psychological safety refers to an environment of rewarded vulnerability in which individuals feel 1) Included, 2) Safe to learn, 3) Safe to contribute, and 4) Safe to challenge the status quo—all without being embarrassed, marginalized, or punished in some way​

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Framework

A model describing the progression through the 4 stages of psychological safety and the pitfalls to avoid.

When leaders and team members nurture psychological safety by modeling and rewarding acts of vulnerability, they progress through four successive stages of psychological safety: 

Stage 1: Inclusion Safety (Do you feel included, accepted, and a sense of belonging?)
Stage 2: Learner Safety (Do you feel safe to learn and grow?)
Stage 3: Contributor Safety (Do you feel safe to contribute and make a difference?)
Stage 4: Challenger Safety (Do you feel safe to challenge the status quo?)

Learning Objectives

1. Improve your interpersonal relationships in any social situation.
2. Elevate the way people see you.
3. Deepen your sense of inclusion and belonging. 
4. Accelerate your ability to learn, contribute, and create value.
5. Transform the culture of your team by rewarding the vulnerability of others.


​​Managers and individual contributors at all levels, including both intact and cross-functional teams.

The Workshop Agenda.

4-Hour Half Day Workshop

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Workshop is broken up into eight 25-minute discovery sessions exploring rewarded vulnerability and the progression of The 4 Stages. Each discovery session includes concept introductions, concept applications, and a group debrief. At the end of the half-day workshop you'll leave with a personalized action plan.

Pre-Workshop Pre Work

- Watch: Your Role as Cultural Architect
- Watch: Culture By Design or By Default
- Watch: What is Psychological Safety?
- Read: The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Preface

Module 1: Culture by Design (25min)

- Human Interaction is a Vulnerable Activity
- Defining Vulnerability
- Your Role as a Cultural Architect
- The Vision of Psychological Safety
- Creating Culture by Design or by Default

Module 2: Rewarded Vulnerability (25min)

- What is Psychological Safety
- Why Does Psychological Safety Matter
- Threat Detection, Red Zones and Blue Zones
- The Mechanisms to Transform Culture

Module 3: The Ladder of Vulnerability (25min)

- Personal Ladder of Vulnerability Assessment
- Not All Acts of Vulnerability are Equal

Module 4: The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety (25min)

- The 4 Stages Model and Overview
- Pitfalls of Paternalism and Exploitation

Module 5: Stage 1 Inclusion Safety (25min)

- Defining Inclusion Safety
- Humanity Over Human Characteristics
- Inclusion Safety as a Human Right
- Action Plan Behavior Selection

Module 6: Stage 2 Learner Safety (25min)

- Defining Learner Safety
- The Thinking and Feeling Brain
- Action Plan Behavior Selection

Module 7: Stage 3 Contributor Safety (25min)

- Defining Contributor Safety
- The Value of Contribution vs Consumption
- Action Plan Behavior Selection

Module 8: Stage 4 Challenger Safety (25min)

- Defining Contributor Safety
- What Does Challenger Safety Look Like
- Intellectual Friction vs Social Friction
- Action Plan Behavior Selection

Action Plan Debrief

- You Are a Cultural Architect
- Lead the Way

Powered by The LeaderFactor Platform.

An image inside the LeaderFactor platform highlighting the workshop tools.

We’ve built the LeaderFactor platform from the ground up to ensure successful outcomes. The 4 Stages Live Virtual Workshop utilizes the LeaderFactor platform to facilitate pre-work, the vulnerability self-assessment, and the personal 30-day action plan for each participant.

Level Up Your Credentials.

Receive your certificate of completion upon finishing the online workshop. Credentials like this will increasingly become a requirement for managers and leaders who must create high levels of psychological safety in their teams and organizations.

A copy of the workshop certificate of completion.

Delivery Options.

Live Virtual Session:

Live virtual sessions are delivered by the LeaderFactor Team or LeaderFactor partners depending upon availability.

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In Person Delivery

In person delivery is available upon request for organizations that would like to take a deeper dive together.

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The 4 Stages Certification

Learn to facilitate The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety training and The 4 Stages Team Survey for your organization.

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