Powerful Psychological Safety Training Tailored to You

Tailored training to help participants experience a deeper sense of inclusion, a greater appreciation for vulnerability, and new behaviors to move from theory into practice.

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Enhanced by the LeaderFactor Platform

Included With Every Workshop

Easy Administration/Enrollment

Pre-work & Live Interaction

Personalized Action Planning

Choose Your Workshop

What's Inside?

4-Hour Intact Team Workshop

Three 60-90 minute blocks focused on understanding the concepts of psychological safety, debriefing culture diagnostic data, and creating action plans. 

In person or virtual facilitation available. 

4-Hour Group Workshop

This half-day session covers eight 25-minute discovery sessions exploring rewarded vulnerability and the progression of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. Designed for cross-functional groups or teams, this intimate setting fosters deep learning experiences.

In person or virtual facilitation available. 

Custom Workshop

Choose your combination of topics and duration for a customized session. (Ex. 90-Minute Inclusion Safety Workshop)

In person or virtual facilitation available. 

Actionable Data

Qualitative and Quantitative Results

We’ll ask your team members a series of questions to help determine if they feel included and safe to learn, contribute, and challenge the status quo. Then they’ll submit short pieces of direct feedback (anonymously, of course) to help you pinpoint specific areas of concern in your organization.

online course survey

Org Chart Report

Find pockets of vulnerability with your org chart.

Import your team's org chart through a number of direct HRIS integrations. View your team’s results in their organizational layers and use this view to inform succession planning or identify the trickle-down effects of punished vulnerability.

team survey org chart map

Results By Stage

The 4 Stages™ Team Score

Influence and improve your overall score by decreasing your red zone score or increasing your blue zone score across the 4 Stages. Recommendations on how to improve your score are provided in your report.

results by stage example

Customizable Reporting

Find powerful insights with demographics.

This is where powerful reporting starts for large enterprises. The 4 Stages™ Team Survey supports demographic data like position, geography, gender, age, and tenure. Use demographics specific to your organization’s function and needs to identify trends across your organization and inform your action planning.

example of demographic data in the team survey

Heatmap Report

Heat map reporting by overall score and stage.

The heat map is a snapshot view of overall team performance. Compare teams’ results across your organization. Filter by stage score, response rate, and individual stage items to zero in on what you care about most.

heatmap example

Global Benchmarks

Compare against our global benchmarks.

See how your teams stack up against our global database with our percentile feature. Negative scores indicate that your team has more red zones than blue zones. As more and more organizations opt-in to measuring psychological safety, we’ll have the data to release geography and additional industry benchmarks.

example of percentile report

Take your results anywhere.

Download a condensed, easy-to-interpret PDF of your 4 Stages™ Team Survey results. Attach them in an email or bring them to your next board meeting.

example of download report


Licensing The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety IP & Technology.

Your organizational culture is unique and complex. There is no one better suited to navigate it than you and your teams. The LeaderFactor licensing agreement will empower your teams to integrate The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety into your organization seamlessly at scale. We’ll provide facilitator training, tools, and assistance to enable you to lead the way.

LeaderFactor Led Facilitation & Training

Psychological safety is what we do. We are experts in training about, measuring, and improving psychological safety across The 4 Stages. We provide a variety of learning, measurement, and improvement software and service solutions for your leaders, managers, and individual contributors. Purchase solutions individually or bundle them together in a cultural transformation plan.

What Our Clients Say

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“Data-driven approach

With the efficacy of so many inclusion initiatives or behavioural interventions being difficult to measure, for me, what works well is the data-driven approach; the model is presented in a factual, practical, and interactive way. In piloting this with several teams, we have already used the 4 stages programme as a catalyst for change through at times uncomfortable, but powerful conversations. Looking forward to continuing our team transformation at Avon.

Sabina Morgan-Richards
Head of Culture,
Engagement & Inclusion at Avon Cosmetics
The jardine motors group logo in a circle bubble icon

“Practical everyday behavior

To top it off, we have just been selected as finalists in a Global L&D Award with the Learning Performance Institute, and during our final presentations to the judges I talked about Psychological Safety and how we are bringing it to life, verses the results we are seeing, and the judges commended us on how very few organisations in the UK are actually making this topic stick – (Fingers crossed this gave us the edge to get the gold award in Feb). I can't wait to see what next year will bring for me and JMG as we further build a deeper culture of rewarded vulnerability.

Paul Phelan
Leadership Development Manager,
Jardine Motors Group
the city of roanoke logo in a 3d bubble background

“Foundation of leadership development

Employees are still buzzing about the event and felt so included and engaged. Everyone that I've spoke to left there with many, many personal and professional nuggets and are eager to keep the discussion going which would allow us all to become "Cultural Architects" of our organization.Dr. Clark truly has a gift, and on behalf of the City of Roanoke, we thank him for allowing us the privilege to learn from his gifts and expertise.

Faye Gilchrist
Human Resources, City of Roanoke