Learn, Measure, and Improve Psychological Safety


Creating a culture of psychological safety in your organization requires a shared understanding about what psychological safety is, what it isn’t, what it does, and how it works. Here are the solutions that will help your teams catch the vision:

  • Keynote +

    Facilitated by Timothy R. Clark or a LeaderFactor partner this 90-minute virtual keynote will align your team around a common language and understanding of Psychological Safety.

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  • Online Course

    The 4 Stages Online Course, led by Dr. Timothy R. Clark, is a 70-minute on-demand course. Cut straight to the heart of psychological safety and create a personalized 30-day action plan.

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  • Workshops

    Deep dive into understanding and practicing psychological safety. This half-day workshop is perfect for managers and individual contributors at all levels..

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You can’t improve your workplace culture until you know where you are. High levels of psychological safety or areas of rewarded vulnerability (blue zones) bring out the best in individuals and teams. Low levels of psychological safety or punished vulnerability (red zones) reduces productivity, suffocates innovation, and kills culture. Once your team catches the vision, determine the existing levels of psychological safety in your organization using:  

  • Team Survey

    Measure individual teams or entire departments levels of psychological safety. Compare your team's scores internally across demographics and across each of The 4 Stages.

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Approach cultural change by design through data-driven action plans that help individuals learn behaviors to reward vulnerability. Psychological safety is perishable, not permanent. It’s delicate and dynamic. It requires consistent measurable effort to maintain a healthy company culture. Foster a culture of rewarded vulnerability across your teams using:

  • Licensing

    License The 4 Stages™ content and technology and get a customized roadmap to integrate psychological safety training into your cultural initiatives. The 4 Stages™ empowers participants to move beyond theory to real measurable behavior change.

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