The Team Survey is Now More Actionable Than Ever

May 16, 2023

We’ve reframed your results to highlight areas of improvement and consolidated the information so that your data is easier to interpret. Say goodbye to guesswork: these updates will help you better determine where to focus your efforts in your psychological safety initiative.

Already run surveys in the past? These changes have been automatically made to your survey reports.

Identify your red zones and blue zones.

Psychological safety is defined as an environment of rewarded vulnerability. Rewarded vulnerability (blue zones) bring out the best in individuals and teams. Punished vulnerability (red zones) reduces productivity, suffocates innovation, and kills culture. Neutral zones fall between the two. The Team Survey now highlights your teams areas of punished and rewarded vulnerability in The 4 Stages team score.

Introducing The 4 Stages Team Score

When you open your 4 Stages Team Survey results in the LeaderFactor application, you’ll see your blue zone, red zone and neutral zone scores, along with an overall team score. This is measured by subtracting your red zone score from your blue zone score and ranges from -100 to 100. Influence and improve your overall score by decreasing your red zone score or increasing your blue zone score across the 4 Stages. Recommendations on how to improve your score are provided in your report. 

The 4 Stages Team Score

Easily find pockets of punished and rewarded vulnerability with the Org Chart. 

You can now import your teams org chart through a number of direct HRIS integrations. View your team’s results in their organizational layers and use this view to inform succession planning or identify the trickle-down effects of punished vulnerability. 

The 4 Stages Team Survey Org Chart

New Heat Map reporting by overall score and stage.

The Heat Map is a snapshot view of overall team performance. Compare team’s results across your organization. Filter by stage score, response rate, and by individual stage items to zero in on what you care about most.

The 4 Stages Team Survey Heatmap

You can now find powerful insights with your demographic data. 

This is where powerful reporting lies for large enterprises. The Team Survey now supports demographic data (such as position, geography, gender, age, or tenure). Use demographics specific to your organization’s function and needs. Identify trends across your organization to inform your action planning. 

Compare against our global benchmarks.

See how your teams stack up against our global database with our new percentile feature.We’ve had 1000’s of teams across multiple countries take the survey. Scores range from -100 (meaning vulnerability is 100% punished) to 100 (meaning vulnerability is 100% rewarded). Negative scores indicate that your team has more red zones than blue zones. As more and more organizations opt-in to measuring psychological safety, we’ll have the data to release geography and additional industry benchmarks. 

Take your results anywhere.

Download a condensed, easy-to-interpret PDF of your 4 Stages Team Survey results. Attach them in an email or bring them to your next board meeting.

We’re confident that you’ll find these updates helpful and powerful as you create a culture of rewarded vulnerability on your teams. Not sure where to start? We’re here to have those conversations with you. Email us with questions or concerns at

multiple covers of the behavior guide next to each other

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If psychological safety is the #1 variable in team performance, how do you improve it? This is a good place to start. With 120+ practical, specific behaviors, the Behavioral Guide will help you know what to start, what to stop, and how to infuse healthy interaction into your work life. It's the companion to The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Book. Download it today.

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