The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Behavioral Guide

How do you Improve Psychological Safety?

If Psychological Safety is the #1 Variable in team performance then how do you improve it? Where do you start? What are key actions you can take to increase the level of Psychological Safety in your environment. This guide has 120+ practical exercises you can use to have a higher level of Psychological Safety. It is the companion to The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety Book. Download it today!

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What's Inside?

120+ practical exercises across the four stages of Psychological Safety
1. Inclusion Safety
33 Exercises

Practical exercises and habits to help you make others feel included. 

2. Learner Safety
35 Exercises

Teaching you how to help you make others feel safe and motivated to learn.

3. Contribution Safety
36 Exercises

Showing you how to make others feel safe enough to contribute and make a difference.

4. Challenger Safety
36 Exercises

Help others feel safe enough to challenge the status quo, innovate, and make things better. 

Example Exercise 

Inclusion Safety Tip #23 Respond to Messages Promptly

Respond to messages promptly. In part, the timeliness of your response communicates your respect for that person. Although there are times that justify a delayed response, try to respond promptly to those who leave you inquiries. When you are consistent in your response pattern, you communicate inclusion.

Improve Your Team's Performance

The level of psychological safety on a team is the central measure of that team’s culture, health, and vitality.