Leaning into Self-Awareness with Caroline von Koenig


August 29, 2022



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Show Notes

Bring home along with you (03:45). After an identity crisis in her early twenties, Caroline turned to academics to find where she belonged as she pursued a Master’s degree in cultural identity studies. 

Workplace. Mind. Body. Life. (11:00) Caroline talks about her four-pillar framework that she uses at Fidelity. In her words: “It’s more than a fruit bowl and a yoga class.” 

Never assume (20:20). Caroline’s first of three gems–to avoid groupthink and accommodate neurodiversities we need to shed assumptions. 

How to become more self-aware (30:00). Caroline and Tim share practical ways to learn more about yourself. 

Resilience is everything (38:20). After the global pandemic, Caroline learned that sometimes you choose the challenges, but sometimes they choose you. 

About Our Guest

Caroline was born and raised in Germany and educated in England, Ireland, France and Scotland and now calls London home. An identity crisis in her early twenties led to her pursuing a Masters in Cultural Identity studies and sparked a passion for personal development, aspiring to become her best self. She cares passionately about helping people maximise their potential and creating a psychologically safe and inclusive environment where everyone can be truly themselves. 


Caroline is a certified mindfulness teacher, transformational coach and Mental Health First Aider and has a background in teaching and people & change consulting.


In her current role as Fidelity International’s global Wellbeing Lead, Caroline helps create a wellbeing-centric culture where employees feel well supported and are able to thrive, asking for help when they need it. She is leading Fidelity’s global wellbeing strategy focussed on four holistic wellbeing pillars: Workplace, Mind, Body & Life. 


She is also helping to improve accessibility and enablement for employees with disabilities and health conditions, including neurodiversity, invisible illnesses & mental health.

Episode Transcript

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