Introduction to Culture by Design


January 21, 2022



About This Episode

Welcome to “Culture by Design” a LeaderFactor Podcast.

My name is Timothy R. Clark and we’ll be taking this journey together. I’ve spent my career studying and leading organizational transformation, and I can tell you that culture is always the biggest challenge. In the 2020s, our shared aspiration is to create a sanctuary of inclusion and an incubator of innovation. Ok, but how do you do that?

Here’s the thing: You can approach culture by design or by default. Either way, in the end, you get a culture. But if you approach it by default, you should fully expect to get a culture you don’t want.

This podcast will provide you with the insights you need to create culture by design. We’ll bring together expertise from around the globe to discuss the unique challenges facing leaders working in highly dynamic environments.

We’ll cover a variety of topics, but always tie them back to the formation or reformation of culture. The principles and practices we discuss will help you scale your influence as a cultural architect.

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Stage One: Inclusion Safety

In this week on the Culture by Design podcast, Tim and Junior introduce the first episode of a four-part series on The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. This week's topic? Stage One: Inclusion Safety. In this value-packed, hour-long conversation, Tim and Junior dive deep into questions like: How does inclusion relate to diversity and equity? Is interaction the same thing as connection? And what can we do to foster inclusion safety in our cultural spheres?

Invest in Your Well-Being with Melody Wilding

In this week’s episode of the Culture by Design podcast, Timothy R. Clark is joined by Melody Wilding, author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. As an executive coach, professor of Human Behavior, licensed social worker, and Harvard Business Review contributor, Melody has lots to say about how burnout, ambition, sensitivity and empathy.

Don't Let Hierarchy Stifle Innovation

Today Tim and Junior sit down to discuss Tim’s recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Don’t Let Hierarchy Stifle Innovation.” There are a lot of concepts that Tim wasn’t able to include in his article that are discussed today, including how to improve our interactions, how to unleash bottom-up innovation and the role that hierarchy plays in innovation and execution.

Employee Engagement or Psychological Safety: Which Comes First?

Back by popular demand is another special episode talking about engagement and psychological safety. Tim and Junior talk about which is a lead measure, which is a lag measure, and which is a consequence of the other. This episode comes from a previous webinar recorded in 2021. Give it a listen:

Leaning into Self-Awareness with Caroline von Koenig

In this week’s episode of Culture by Design, Timothy R. Clark is joined by Caroline von Koenig, Fidelity International’s global Wellbeing Lead. They discuss how self-awareness, resilience, and understanding can create cultures that are healthy, inclusive and safe for all types of people. Caroline’s interests in neurodiversity and cultural identity made for a great conversation. Give it a listen:

Be a Human Leader with Lindsay Kaplan

In this week’s episode of Culture by Design, Lindsay Kaplan, head of People Development at Clif Bar joins Timothy R. Clark to talk about anxiety, vulnerability, and what it takes to be a human leader. She advocates for authenticity, empathy, and adaptability as the main characteristics of good leaders and encourages listeners to chase a growth mindset.