Inside an Olympic Team Culture with Dan Collins


March 14, 2022



About This Episode

Timothy R Clark invites olympic medalist, speaker, trainer and consultant Dan Collins to discuss olympic team cultures. Dan believes that winners are created at all levels and prides himself on working with leaders to create safe, challenging, and purposeful environments. Some highlights from this episode include:

Making your contribution matter.
Your contribution matters. It really matters. Take work seriously, playing small doesn't help anyone. Think bigger and dream bigger because there's enough room in the world for everyone to be at their best. What a place that would be.

Finding your strengths and leaning into them.
Everyone's got strengths. There's no one on the planet that doesn't have a great set of strengths. Teams and organizations are built on individual strengths. To find your strengths you've got to put yourself under pressure. You've got to heat them up and really test them and you'll be better for it.

Getting a higher level of self-awareness and commitment.
In order to improve you need to surround yourself with friends, family, and colleagues who will tell you when you are not performing at your best. Only when you're told the truth can you get better. It requires a commitment to excellence.

Micro-coaching is better than a performance review.
Inside organizations the traditional coaching model is vastly different from coaching in the athletic world. Instead of yearly/quarterly performance reviews there needs to be informal daily micro-coaching similar to the frequency of coaches and athletes.

About Dan Collins | Winners at all Levels

Dan has spent his life dedicated to the art of excellence - being at his personal best with unwavering commitment to his goals. From preparing for big moments as an Olympic athlete representing Australia to managing elite sporting organisations across the globe, Dan’s experience gives him deep insight into the personal quest we all take to discover our best selves.

With a commitment to serving others and making a real impact, he doesn't shy away from tough conversations.

Dan believes that winners are created at all levels and prides himself on working with leaders to create safe, challenging, and purposeful environments - that’s where excellence lives.

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