Experiential Learning: Leveling-up L&D with Paul Phelan


April 25, 2022



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Show Notes

What happens when you treat your people as the number one asset in the building? There are positive consequences that ripple throughout the organization. This week, Paul Phelan, Head of Leadership Development at Jardine Motors Group shares his story and unique experiences with leadership training. Here are a few of our key takeaways: 

People are the #1 asset of a company.
Organizations cannot run without good people. It's a leader's role to create a positive environment and to take care of the needs of the individuals in their care. When they do there is a positive ripple effect throughout the organization and the customer experience. 

Ask yourself "How do we make this amazing?"
How do you make the employee experience amazing? How do you make the customer experience amazing? Can you create experiences that people will never forget? There is always room to improve the experience for both your customers and, more importantly, your employees.

Don't go chasing titles. 
Underneath our titles, we are all people trying to do great work. Titles can distract us from making a meaningful difference in the lives of others if we take our titles too seriously. 

Take learning outside of the office.
Your training environment matters. When you're sitting around a nice table in the office many leaders are still staring out the glass window thinking of work. Taking the training out, off-site, and curating the environment for learning makes a big difference.

Make training feel real and meaningful. 
Instead of running through fictitious scenarios to train try using real-life playback scenarios. It's better to use things that have really happened than to pretend you're in a certain situation. 

About Paul Phelan
Hi, I’m Paul Phelan, Head of Leadership Development at Jardine Motors Group.

I’m an award-winning Leadership Development Professional, with over 20 years of Leadership Development and Senior Management experience within both the fashion and automotive retail industries. 

As a qualified professional, across a wide range of industry-leading psychometric tools, and along with my own unconventional and thought-provoking facilitation style and Coaching skills, I have successfully designed and delivered a range of Leadership interventions at all levels, all evidenced by strong tangible ROI / ROE results.

My aim in life is to unlock individual's hidden potential and empower them to achieve a fulfilled professional and personal life.

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