Curiosity is Today’s Superpower with Garry Browne


June 6, 2022



About This Episode

On this week’s episode of Culture by Design, Timothy R. Clark is joined by Garry Browne, Head of Learning and Development at Nestle UK and Ireland. They discuss all things reflection, passion, and introspection If intrinsic motivation and self-awareness are your jam, if you’re curious about the interplay between leadership and inclusivity, or if you want to learn how to harness your interests into work that you’re passionate about, press play.  

Here are some gems from their conversation:

We are products of our past (12:22). If you want to bring your best self to work you have to acknowledge the things that have shaped you. Pause and reflect: What values from my upbringing drive my unconscious behavior today? 

Inclusive leadership is both morally right and business-critical (19:30). It’s an acknowledgement that difference and diversity are good, and then creating the environment to harness each in turn. Leaders should reflect on their everyday behavior and ask themselves: How safe is the environment that I’m creating? Does it foster abrasive thinking? 

Curiosity is quality reflection time coupled with humility to execute (32:00). We have a tendency to think that if we give people information, that’s learning. This type of learning pales in comparison to experiential, reflective learning. Systematic introspection deepens learning and accelerates effectiveness. If curiosity is today’s superpower, then ​​reflection is its facilitator. Think: Am I swallowing information or applying it? 

Garry’s final words for the episode? (36:52) Work on yourself. There is huge value in knowing what drives you; put yourself into workspaces that align with your passions, be curious about your intrinsic motivations, and of course, remember to reflect. 

About our guest:

Garry Browne was born in London to Irish immigrants who worked in the pub trade for 30 years. Growing up in this environment, he interacted with people from all walks of life. This is where he developed a real interest in human behavior. He worked in a number of fields (including sales and supply chain) before landing a job with Nestle, where he now works as the Head of Learning and Development. Garry is currently in the final stage of his Masters degree in Coaching and Behavioral Change at Henley Business School.

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