Creating Shared Meaning with Dr. Reggie Crane


March 28, 2022



About This Episode

In this episode Timothy R. Clark interviews Dr. Reggie Crane on how to approach shared meaning. Reggie is a retired Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant, former Booz Allen Hamilton organizational development consultant, and founder Next Level Coaching and Consulting. Some highlights from the episode are:

First understand the processes and then get everyone on the same page.
"Everything has a process and all you have to do is sit down, understand that process and be able to communicate with people around you, to ensure everybody is on the same page. Then you can do pretty much anything that comes before you."

Shared meaning enhances commitment.
Sit down and focusing on having conversations to get on the same page in terms of what things are important to you, what things are important to them. This shared meaning becomes the foundation for the team to work effectively together.

Help team members understand the relevancy of their job.
Why is what you are doing relevant? It's gotta be relevant because you're doing it, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it. It then becomes easier to understand what kind of things do you believe you have to keep doing or do differently to either maintain or enhance that relevance in the future? This sparks innovation.

Democratize participation.
Every job comes with a voice. There is real power in allowing others to have a voice and there is real value that the organization gets by enabling the everyone to have a voice.

About Dr. Reggie Crane
Dr. Reggie Crane is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, former Booz Allen Hamilton Organizational Development Consultant, Founder of Next Level Coaching and Consulting, and Workforce Development Program Manager for the Air Force Technical Applications Center. He is an experienced organizational development consultant, executive coach, trainer and public speaker. Dr. Crane has an extensive organizational communication, conflict management, leadership and team development background. He has widespread expertise in using a range of assessment instruments to enhance self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, communication and team effectiveness.

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