Leadership vs Management What's the Difference?

Leadership and management are related and yet distinct disciplines.

Every leader needs management skills and every manager needs leadership skills. But the leadership-to-management ratio varies by position. What’s yours?

Here are 23-dimensional differences between the two disciplines. Review the differences and then ask yourself: “What leadership-to-management ratio does my current role require?” Then ask, “Where are my gaps and how can I close them?”

Leader vs Manager

  1. Create vs Duplicate
  2. Tomorrow vs Today
  3. Long-Term vs Short-Term
  4. Goals vs Plans
  5. Strategic vs Tactical
  6. Ideas vs Facts
  7. Explore vs Produce
  8. Change vs Maintain
  9. Disturb vs Preserve
  10. Questions vs Answers
  11. People vs Things
  12. Broad vs Deep
  13. Persuade vs Control
  14. Inspire vs Instruct
  15. Systems vs Details
  16. Commitment vs Compliance
  17. Why vs What
  18. Context vs Content
  19. Innovate vs Execute
  20. Concepts vs Rules
  21. Higher Risk vs Lower Risk
  22. Emotional vs Rational
  23. Meaning vs Mechanics




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