How to Lead Change in the Global Age.

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Organizations must constantly change and adapt to stay competitive. This means that managers at all levels must be able to lead change initiatives from inception to completion--anytime, anywhere. Yet leading change is not an intuitive skill. Strikingly, 75% of organizational change initiatives fail to meet their original objectives.​

EPIC Change and Transformation™ teaches leaders to change management as an applied discipline. The course provides participants with the most advanced, research-based, and field-tested methodology to lead organizational change at every level of the organization. Participants identify the most important change initiatives they are currently working on and complete a change roadmap for a specific initiative. They apply a structured process (including tools, behavior, and skills) to help them lead change at the personal, team, and organizational levels for each of the EPIC stages.

The EPIC™ Framework

E.P.I.C Framework Outline

Learning Obejectives

1. Lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations through successful change by applying (1) a change roadmap, (2) tactical tools, and (3) critical behaviors and skills.

2. Help individual employees manage the personal transition of change, overcome resistance, and support change out of commitment rather than compliance.

3. Increase individual, team, and organizational agility and respond to adaptive challenges in the context of a dynamic environment.


Managers at all levels, including both intact and cross-functional teams. Individual contributors are charged to lead change through influence and without positional power.

Delivery Options

-- One-day course delivered on-site 
-- Customized virtual delivery



​​Introduction: Welcome to the 21st century

•  Preserving vs. disturbing the status quo

•  Muscling & smuggling change tendencies

•  Commitment vs. compliance-based change

​​Stage One: Evaluate

•  Tool #1: The case for change

•  Tool #2: Disruption profile

•  Tool #3: Timing factor analysis

•  Tool #4: Urgency assessment

•  Tool #5: The do-nothing scenario

Stage Two: Prepare

•  Tool #6: Active, visible & accessible behaviors

•  Tool #7: The 4 Gauges of credibility

•  Tool #8: Team tracker

•  Tool #9: Change coaching tools

•  Tool #10: Change message stack

•  Tool #11: Coalition builder

​​Stage Three: Implement

•  Tool #12: Accelerator guide

•  Tool #13: Sensitivity analysis

Stage Four: Consolidate

•  Tool #14: The change tree

•  Tool #15: Action plan



-- Smart Card deck of key concepts, tools
-- Change roadmap template
-- Copy of the book, EPIC Change: How to Lead Change in the Global Age, published by Jossey-Bass


Pricing is based on a per participant license plus training facilitation

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