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Psychological Safety Across The 4 Stages™

Discover Your Psychological Safety Red Zones.

Psychological safety is an culture of rewarded vulnerability. Rewarded vulnerability (blue zones) bring out the best in individuals and teams. Punished vulnerability (red zones) reduces productivity, suffocates innovation, and kills culture. A list of common acts of vulnerability can be found in the The Ladder of Vulnerability™.

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A Look Inside The Team Survey.

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Red Zones & Blue Zones

Survey Results show an overall score and scores for each of The 4 Stages. These scores consist of three parts: red zones (low psychological safety), blue zones (high psychological safety), and neutral zones. Focus first on improving your red zones. Request a sample report.

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Quantitative & Qualitative Data

The 4 Stages Team Survey consists of a series of statements that participants will either agree with or disagree with regarding inclusion, learning, contribution, and challenging the status quo. Team members can also anonymously submit short pieces of direct feedback. The average time to complete the survey is 5-minutes.

Compare Scores Across Teams

Easily find your highest and lowest scoring teams with aggregate reports. Coach managers on their team’s highest impact items and find common trends across your organization.

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