Micro-Coaching & Accountability™

The blocking and

tackling of management.



The traditional coaching model is broken. It’s a slow, contrived, check-the-box formality. Micro-coaching, on the other hand, is the practice of engaging infrequent, brief, targeted, in-workflow coaching conversations. Micro-coaching sessions are bite-sized, short burst encounters that typically last between one and 10 minutes. They’re not scheduled, scripted, or forced. Instead, they’re timely, informal touch points that take place at the moment of need.

The Coaching & Accountability Matrix

Learning Objectives

  • Shift the coaching pattern from formal, long cycle to informal, short cycle.

  • Accelerate the development and performance of each team member.

  • Create and sustain a culture of micro-coaching and outcome accountability.


  • Executive Leadership

  • Managers at every level

Delivery Options

  • One-day workshop delivered onsite




​​The 2 Levers of Leadership

•  Modeling & coaching

•  The power of one-on-one

​​Traditional Coaching vs. Micro-Coaching

•  Traditional coaching vs. micro-coaching analysis

•  Coaches, not bosses

•  Demand for micro-coaching

The Coaching & Accountability Matrix

•  The coaching continuum: tell-to-ask

•  The accountability continuum: task-to-process-to-outcome

•  Coaching behavior matrix

•  Top three accountability mistakes

​​Assessing Your Skills

•  Coaching & accountability skills assessment

•  Coaching derailers

Tools & Practice

•  Round 1: Coaching plan

•  Round 2: Derailer

•  B.I.G. coaching model

•  Round 3: Least coachable person

•  Round 4: Listening & questioning

•  Round 5: Micro-coaching rounds

Creating a Coaching Culture & 3-3-3 Planning

•  The culture formation hypothesis

•  The anatomy of culture

•  Creating your 333 plan


Sample Content

Patterns of Deflection.png

Materials (Participants receive)

  • Smart Card deck of key concepts and tools

  • Coaching & accountability skills assessment

  • 333 plan assessment


Pricing is based on a per participant license plus training facilitation

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