The Ladder of Vulnerability

Creating a culture of rewarded vulnerability at work. Previously Recorded on July 22nd, 2022

Take The Ladder of Vulnerability Self-Assesment

Not all acts of vulnerability are created equal. What you perceive as a low-risk act of vulnerability might be high-risk for someone else. You have a ladder that is unique to you: it comes from your environment, your role, socialization, education, your confidence, and the way people treat you. We call this your Ladder of Vulnerability. 

Start on the path towards improving psychological safety when you discover the behaviors that are vulnerable for you. Take the five-minute Ladder of Vulnerability™ self-assessment and compare your highest and lowest scoring items with the results of your team members.

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The 4 Stages Improve™

Cultures of rewarded vulnerability are cultures with high psychological safety. To improve psychological safety in your organization is to model acts of vulnerability yourself and reward the vulnerable acts of others. The 4 Stages Improve platform will help you uncover your team members’ areas of greatest vulnerability and then help you reward that vulnerability through data-driven action plans.

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