The 4 Stages™ Team Roadmap

Improve Your Culture by Rewarding Vulnerability

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Why the Team Roadmap?

Cultures with high psychological safety are cultures of rewarded vulnerability.

Research shows that employee engagement directly correlates with outcomes like productivity, quality, retention, and customer loyalty. But employee engagement comes from a culture of high psychological safety.  So if your organization’s employee engagement is low, The 4 Stages™ Team Survey will help you solve the problem at its roots.

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Helping teams model and reward vulnerability.

Healthy teams take care of each other. Identify the areas where your team members need support and choose from a list of behaviors to model and reward their acts of vulnerability. Each behavior is a small, specific action that you can build into your work day. The best part? Your colleagues will be choosing behaviors to support you, too.

Start with the Ladder of Vulnerability™ self-assessment

What behaviors do you feel a high level or risk for? What may be less risky for you may be high risk for a team member. The self-assessment allows you to compare your most vulnerable behaviors and your least vulnerable behaviors with the results of your team.

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Personalized goals, Personalized reminders.

Once you’ve chosen who to support and how to do it, we’ll build your action plan. And just in case it gets lost in your inbox, we’ll send you reminders and reflections to keep those behaviors top of mind. Your action plan will run in a four-week cycle–that’s just a month of cultural change, by design. But it has big dividends.

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The end result: data-driven, cultural change.

Psychological safety is perishable, not permanent. It’s delicate and dynamic. It requires consistent, measurable effort to maintain a healthy company culture. The 4 Stages™ Team Roadmap will help your team learn behaviors to reward vulnerability as you approach cultural change by design.

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