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How to Lead Change in the Global Age.



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Organizations must constantly change and adapt to stay competitive. This means that managers at all levels must be able to lead change initiatives from inception to completion--anytime, anywhere. Yet leading change is not an intuitive skill. Strikingly, 75% of organizational change initiatives fail to meet their original objectives.

EPIC Change and Transformation™ teaches leaders change management as an applied discipline. The course provides participants with the most advanced, research-based, and field-tested methodology to lead organizational change at every level of the organization. Participants identify the most important change initiatives they are currently working on and complete a change roadmap for a specific initiative. They apply a structured process (including tools, behavior, and skills) to help them lead change at the personal, team, and organizational levels for each of the EPIC stages.

The Solution

Learning Objectives

  • Lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations through successful change by applying (1) a change roadmap, (2) tactical tools, and (3) critical behaviors and skills.

  • Help individual employees manage the personal transition of change, overcome resistance, and support change out of commitment rather than compliance.

  • Increase individual, team, and organizational agility and respond to adaptive challenges in the context of a dynamic environment.


Managers at all levels, including both intact and cross-functional teams. Individual con-tributors who are charged to lead change through influence and without positional power.

Delivery Options

  • One-day course delivered on-site 

  • Customized virtual delivery




​​Introduction: Welcome to the 21st century

•  Preserving vs. disturbing the status quo

•  Muscling & smuggling change tendencies

•  Commitment vs. compliance-based change

​​Stage One: Evaluate

•  Tool #1: The case for change

•  Tool #2: Disruption profile

•  Tool #3: Timing factor analysis

•  Tool #4: Urgency assessment

•  Tool #5: The do-nothing scenario

Stage Two: Prepare

•  Tool #6: Active, visible & accessible behaviors

•  Tool #7: The 4 Gauges of credibility

•  Tool #8: Team tracker

•  Tool #9: Change coaching tools

•  Tool #10: Change message stack

•  Tool #11: Coalition builder

​​Stage Three: Implement

•  Tool #12: Accelerator guide

•  Tool #13: Sensitivity analysis

Stage Four: Consolidate

•  Tool #14: The change tree

•  Tool #15: Action plan


Sample Content


Materials (Participants receive)

  • Smart Card deck of key concepts, tools

  • Change roadmap template

  • Copy of the book, EPIC Change: How to Lead Change in the Global Age, published by Jossey-Bass


Pricing is based on a per participant license plus training facilitation

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