Who's the book for?


The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety will help answer the following questions for each of these audiences:

Leaders & Managers

How do you a build a culture of intellectual bravery?

Teachers & Students

How do you separate mistakes from a sense of failure in the learning process?

Employees & Teams

How do you develop the lubricating oil of collaboration?

Moms & Dads

How do you cultivate and sustain relationships built on love, trust, and accountability?

Innovators & Entrepeneurs

How do you release creative energy and encourage others to challenge the status quo?

Politicians & Public Servants

How do you restore civility to public discourse and dignity to public office?

Coaches & Players

How do you accelerate skill development, eliminate burnout, and increase the joy of competition?


How do you create deeper connections with other human beings while protecting yourself from exploitation?

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