- This book has 192 pages and will take you 4 hours to read.

- Total word count is 46,443.

- Dimensions – 8.5" x 5.5"

- Dr. Clark spent over 600 hours writing this book.

- This is Dr. Clark's fifth publish.

- Only 12% of the people will finish reading a new book. Will you be the next of them?

More FUN FACTS......

- Psychological safety is the 4th hottest topic in leadership training.

- HR considers psychological safety as one of the most important factors in hiring process.

- A mere 33% of U.S. workers believe their opinions count.

- Increasing psychological safety improves infection control in hospitals.

- William Kahn from Boston University coined the term psychological safety in 1990.

- An increasing percentage of millennials refuse to work for bosses that don't create psychological safety.

- Both Google and Microsoft have identified psychological safety as a key driver of team performance.

- In the United States, a student drops out of high school every 26 seconds. Many of these students drop out as a result of low psychological safety.

- In Australia, 23% of frontline workers report feeling psychological safety versus 45% of higher income workers.

- The K-12 educational establishment is discovering that a focus on psychological safety is the best preventive intervention to reduce the risk of school violence.

Are you convinced yet? 

Do you know...

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